Saturday, January 29, 2011

Impossibly-Sad Cover Art: The Chaperone

Wrestlers in movies are either hit- They Live- or miss- Hell Comes to Frogtown.  Then there are movies like this...
Much like the original poster for The Tooth Fairy, this looks like a parody of movie posters.

It's not.  This is real!  WHY?!?!?!?!?!?

So much for being 'The Cerebral Assassin,' huh?

***USER COMMENT: 'It's like they airbrushed stupid onto his face!'***

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  1. i'm probably going to get buried for this, but let's think about who this movie is meant for, then secondly let's remember some of the movies from our youth and how crappy they were...i'm not saying Triple H is amazing, or that the movie going to be incredbile, but I remember watching 3 Ninjas, Surf Ninjas, and so many other ridiculous "kids films"...heck Mr Nanny? There's so many examples of terrible posters, terrible movies, and yet this one seems to be the one people are skewering...heck i recall a crap movie called The Pacifier making 100 million, and what about the movie about a hockey player that turned into, wait for it, THE TOOTH FAIRY!