Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Elves

After an unplanned absence, the segment has returned!  Rejoices all around.

While our trio of young woman are playing 'house' in the Department Store, a trio of guys is on their way to pay a visit.  Gotta love Department Store sex.  After all, it worked out well in Chopping Mall.  No, wait...

They arrive and prepare to go inside, only to be greeted (off-camera) by some Nazis, the villains of the film.  It makes sense in context of the movie...sort of.  When the door finally opens, the young men are dead and the Nazis rush in.  Hey, it's not Poland!

So yeah, they were killed off-screen for the 'crime' of trying to have sex with teenage girls.  It's the #1 cause of death in 1980s films- bar none.

Up next, a man in a Chinese thriller commits the fatal sin of being helpful.  Shit is about to go down now, sucker!  Stay tuned...

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