Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mondo Trivia: Wrong Turn 3...and 4?

*According to IMDB, a 2008 horror film called Swamp Devil was released as Wrong Turn 3 as a bootleg in The Phillipines.  Does it make it an official title?  Obviously not.

*In 2009, a different horror film called Albino Farm was released in The Phillipines as Wrong Turn 4.

I guess I have to review that now too, huh?  At least this one has a wrestler in it (Chris Jericho) to help me out.

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  1. Jericho'd slap the Walls of Jericho on 'em and maybe hit a lionsault and it'd be all good, voila! no more pesky inbred cannibal rednecks to bother with.