Saturday, October 6, 2018

Quick Review: Mandy (2018)

After all of the hype, is there a Nic Cage Film that truly delivers the goods?  Let's see how I feel...
In 1983 (great Year!), a strange couple- Red and Mandy- live in the Mountains and ask serious questions.
There's also some clear, underlying trauma as they share dark stories about their past.
One day, Mandy crosses paths with some Hippies and the Leader falls for her.
They break into their House and make a play for her.  When she rejects him, he takes it...well.
When he recovers, Red plans his revenge, forging a weapon and planning his attack!
Will this 'everyman' be enough to stop evil Bikers and corrupt, LSD-abusing Hippie Cultists?

To find out (how crazy this is), watch the Film.
This is weird.  This is crazy.  This is nuts!  The whole Film is a bizarre mix of arty pretentiousness and balls to the wall insanity.  It starts off slow, but as the first Hour approaches, things come to a head.  That's not to say that the first part isn't interesting.  It still has the bizarre color palette and strange characters.  Once it turns into a Revenge Film, however, it goes up to 11!  We get to see Bill Duke, looking pretty good considering that Predator was over 30 years ago.  We get Nic Cage forging a crazy-looking axe.  Nic Cage with a crossbow!  Nic Cage with a chainsaw!  Cage is at his best here, showing that he can be both subdued (in the early Scenes), anguished (after the burning) and whacked out of his mind (after taking LSD).  He somehow makes all of those differing reactions feel natural.  It's easy to think of him as just going crazy or being really subdued when he's making serious Films.  The important thing to remember is that this guy still has an Oscar, no matter how far his general Star Power has fallen.  He does legitimately have range and he shows it all here.  Obvious shout-out to the Director- who's previous work I still need to see- for getting such a good performance and using his Stars to their fullest.  He's why the full looks and feels so strange too.  The Film is clearly not for everyone.  It has blood, guts and drug use.  If you like insanity though, this is 100% for you.  Now if you'll excuse me, I will take this 'Venom' for now...
Considering this guy has only 2 Films (counting this), it is quite amazing.  The Film is trippy and not for everyone, but it will blow away those in the right mood!

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