Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Quick Review: Creature Designers- The Frankenstein Complex

The people who make the Monsters and Creatures in Films don't get enough attention.  Let's give them some...
This Documentary tells the basic history of make-up effects, monster make-up and creature design.

You see just about everyone you could think of- and even some you may not have heard of.
You'll hear from the people in their own words- the good and the bad.

For example, this guy regrets being locked in the Goro Suit for 11 hours a day.
They cover all of the Eras- from the 60s to the 80s.  For instance, here's a giant robot they made for Robocop 2.
You can't do this kind of thing without talking about Star Wars, so there you go.
See legends and luminaries talk about their experiences.

Here's Joe Dante and John Landis discussing how they both ended up making seminary Werewolf Films in the same Year...and fought over the Crew to do it with.
When CGI becomes big following Ternminator 2 and Jurassic Park, will these men & women thrive or die off?

To find out (and learn many things), watch the Film.
A fun and insightful Documentary.  The Film taught me a few things that even I didn't know.  For instance, I didn't realize how many Practical Effects were in Terminator 2.  They manage to talk to just about everyone possible- minus Rob Bottin- and you learn a lot.  These people tell their stories.  These people show you their methods.  These people share their art with you.  It is really neat to hear them talk about how they worked and how they created things.  You learn lots of interesting things.  If you know nothing about the industry, it may be eye-opening.  Even if you think that you know everything- like me-, you may still learn something.  For instance, Rick Baker made a creature effect for the Cockroach Alien in Men in Black...but the Producers chose CGI instead.  What a shame...but do watch *this* Film.
An interesting Doc that even taught me a few things.  See people express their art and enjoy.

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