Saturday, October 13, 2018

Forgotten TV: Ray Bradbury Theater- 'A Sound of Thunder'

At last, one of Bradbury's more famous Stories.  Granted- it didn't make for a good Movie, but maybe 22 minutes will work well.
In the near-future, we have lots of fun technology.  Most importantly- time travel.  People use it to hunt...since rich assholes.
They travel in a neat-looking orb and have clear rules.  The big one- kill no animal with a future.
They go back to the Age of Dinosaurs (yes, there were a few) and find some big game to hunt!
They shoot and kill a T-Rex, but one Hunter gets nervous and shoots some trees in the process.

He is forced to remove all of the bullets from the surrounding area, so as not to affect the future.
Unfortunately, the group returns back home to find that something has gone wrong.  They're in Idiocracy!
The Lead Hunter does the only natural thing after finding the dead butterfly on his boot.  The End.
Bad things happen when you time travel!  This is one of his more famous tales and with good reason.  Again- the Movie wasn't great.  Personal note: I worked in a Theater when the Film (briefly) came out and remember nothing about it.  My job was literally to walk in and out of the Theaters all day and still nothing.  The Story is definitely a good one.  Adapted to the small screen and for what I can't imagine was a huge Budget, they do a pretty good job presenting it.  Yes, the 'Future City' is clearly just a backdrop on par with the original Troma Logo.  Yes, the Dinosaur Time Set is kind of small.  No, I don't know how the Time Machine's raised walkway weaves around trees and right to where a T-Rex is.  Yes, they do just shoot most of this in a small indoor building that is just supposed to be super-futuristic.  With all of that said, the Episode has a nice, rustic charm to it and the Story still works.  Unless you shoot this one for like $50 with a Toy Dinosaur and your Tool Shed, it will probably work just fine.  They do a good job here of simple set-up, explanation of the dangers involved in their actions and then showing you the results of said actions in a simple way.  If you want to see a good (especially for TV) version of this kind of story, check this one out.  It's good, even if won't you blow away like it did this guy.
Next time, perhaps I'll cover another more famous tale.  Who knows- he did like Mars.  See you then...

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