Saturday, October 27, 2018

'90s Trash: Scanners 3- The Takeover (1991)

At last, the final head explosion!  Today's Film is Scanners III: The Takeover, the 1991 Film that wraps up the initial Trilogy.  The Series then became about the titular Scanner Cop for the next two (and last two) Films.  If you didn't see the first Film, you don't need much explanation.  The same goes for the second Film.  The gist of it: people are born with mind powers and some end up being evil.  There aren't recurring Characters- just the basic concept.  Like the last two, this is a one-and-done, despite a sequel-bait ending.  This time, we get the story of two Siblings that are both Scanners.  One of them regrets a careless act and leaves, while the other goes crazy and fulfills the Film's subtitle.  This one is chock full of what you hope for: bad '90s fashion, silly effects, a silly Story and just the right amount of ridiculous.  It's almost a shame that it took me this long to get to here!  To see how the original 'trilogy' ends, read on...
The Film opens with some long text explaining what Scanners are.  Naturally, do this in the THIRD FILM.

All you need to know is that two attempts at a drug to help them have failed.
At a Christmas Party (random!), our Hero is showing off his powers.  He accidentally throws his friend to his death, leading to this subtle reaction.
A bit later, his Sister is still having trouble with her powers.  She takes Eph-3, an experimental new drug made by her Stepdad.  It works and the LED proves it.
Unfortunately, this also seems to affect her brain in bad ways, as shown by her randomly-killing this Pigeon.

 It would be a Poor Bastard of Cinema, but it crapped on her.  I have a personal reason for finding this especially heinous.
She decides to enact an elaborate plan to get revenge and/or power.  First step, power up and free some Scanners to be her Henchmen.
Next step, kill the Dad and, well, do what the Title says.
She tries to kill her Brother- since he's an Heir- and the family friend, but only succeeds at the latter.  He's back from being a Monk in Tibet and ready to make things right.
Skipping past some silly Action Scenes and Plot, she reveals her master plan: take over the World through TVs!  Since it is during Monday Night Football, I'll just blame Andy Sidaris for this one.
A silly, silly battle ensues and, by pure chance, the Eph-3 comes off.  She kills herself to save everyone...except for a bit where her digital form lives on.

Don't worry- nobody followed up on this.  It goes alongside all of the forgotten stuff from the Children of the Corn Films.  The End.
All of the cheese that you could ask for.  Scanners 3 is the best Scanners Film for me.  It's not the best-written- that's the first one.  It's not the goriest- that's Scanner Cop 2.  It doesn't have the oddest moment- that's still the mental projection head explosion from Scanner Cop.  This one, for me, was just the best combination of silly, over-the-top, sincere, dated and blissfully-dumb.  It takes itself very seriously.  In spite of that, it has cars exploding for no reason, people standing next to grenade fire with no harm, old men fighting Thai Kickboxers, mind control through television, nearly-implied incest, silly effects and the newest weapon against scanners- bright laser lights!  It's all gloriously-silly and self-important.  It's not a good Film.  It isn't for, well, all of the reasons that I mentioned.  I still love it though.  Still watch the original first, but then go right to this one.  Trust me- it works.  I wouldn't lie to you- I'm not this Movie and their really-obvious fake hands, after all.
Next time, I find some more fright before Halloween.  Knowing me, it's going to be silly.  Stay tuned...

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