Thursday, October 4, 2018

Forgotten TV: Ray Bradbury Theater- 'Skeleton'

A tale of a man obsessed with his health...which is his undoing.  Let's see how odd this can get...
A man- Eugene Levy - is a hypochondriac and won't leave his Doctor alone.
The Doctor tells him to go away and stop reading Medical Journals.
Desperate and obsessed with health, he goes to a Bone Expert.  He's certainly someone you can trust.
Speaking with the man, Levy only gets worse.  Yes, that was possible.
He eventually sees the Doctor again at his home and...something happens.
The Doctor steals his skeleton (somehow)!  That's...kind of gross.  The End.
Finally- something actually quite interesting!  No offense to the late Author, but the Episodes so far have been meandering or vague at best.  That's obviously not 100% his fault- he just wrote the Stories.  Having said that, this one is actually interesting.  Levy is fun as the uptight hypochondriac and the Doctor is at his creepy best.  Any time a guy claims to have the skulls of Antony and Cleopatra on display is a winner in my book!  Does this make much sense?  No.  How did he steal his skeleton and keep him alive?  How did it come out cleanly?  None of these questions are important.  It's just a weird, fun Episode.  I'll take what I can get at this point.  It also features the world's smartest skeleton too...
Next time, another Star and some (hopefully) freaky stuff.  Can Ray deliver twice in a row?  See you then...

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