Friday, October 19, 2018

King Me: Castle Rock- 'Local Color'

At this point, I think that you're just messing with me.  Will we get more answers or will we just keep up with the padding?  Let's see...
We get some flashbacks to the neighbor girl, who appears to have some sort of Shining powers.

We also have a relative of someone from that Story, but this isn't her.  Do I have to read Rose Red to understand the Show?
In the present, the woman- Molly- meets briefly with our Hero, but acts like she doesn't remember him.  His presence seems to affect her.
Remember when the Prisoner and our Hero met.  Well...keep waiting for the resolution of that as we have more 'Can the Guard do the right thing?' Scenes to get through first.
After someone spills the beans on the Prisoner- referred to as 'The Kid' by most-, the Warden offers a settlement.  Will he accept for his client?
Or will they fight this?  More importantly, will Not-Pennywise stop being so creepy?

Probably a 'no' on the second one, but watch all the same.
Will they ever pick up the pace?  Watching this Show is like being stuck behind the one old lady on the Freeway going 45 mph.  You'll get where you're going eventually- but the wait is going to stress you out.  I'm having some flashbacks to trying to recap American Gods and act like a lot happened in each Episode.  The pacing continues to be a problem here is that this Season already feels like it is being stretched out.  This is only the 3rd Episode!  Focusing so much on Molly is not necessarily-bad.  I'm guessing that she'll be more important as this goes on.  My issue is just the timing and placement of this focus.  Why not have it in Episode 2, since we don't get the meeting until the end anyways?  Why not have it in Episode 4 or later, at which point they are just planning their defense?  It's like that weird trend last Year when both American Gods, Twin Peaks and The Handmaid's Tale stopped their Stories cold to do an all flashback Episode.  They were all good Episodes, but felt weird where they were placed.  I want this Show to be good and consistent.  It's interesting moments work for me- I just don't like this pace.  Don't make me sic the Invisible Man on you!
Next time, some clear answers...right?  I'm beginning to sense a pattern here though.  See you then...

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