Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Quick Review: Welcome to the Jungle (2013)

A Title has been redeemed.  As you eagerly-await my next full Review, I thought I would give you a quick one.  The Movie is a recent one and I don't want to SPOIL things too much.  The movie...
Official-sounding Plot Summary: The people at an Ad Agency are sent out to a deserted Island as a team-building exercise.
Their Guide- Jean Claude Van Damme- is taken out, however, and their Pilot dies, leaving the group to fend for themselves.  They aren't exactly Campers- save for one of them (Adam Brody).
One of them takes over and makes things really rough.  Will our hero 'man up' to save the day?  Will chaos survive?  Will that Tiger come back?
 It is alot better than I thought.  The appeal of the Movie for me was really just the people involved.  I like Rob Huebel and Kristen Schaal, so I gave this a chance.  The Story was nothing that made me go 'I need to see this now!'  With all of that in mind, I really did like this Film.  The Film doesn't hit too many beats that you don't expect and tends to work out how you think.  To say that it is formulaic is somewhat fair.  With a few exceptions, everything works itself out the way that it appears it is going to from the beginning.  Having said that, it does nothing wrong.  Its style of humor is one that I liked, so I got some good laughs out of it.  Your results may differ.  When the worst thing you can say about a Movie is that it doesn't surprise you too much, it has done pretty well.  It won't set the world on fire, but it is a great Rental.  If you like everyone involved, I highly-recommend it.  If nothing else, it shows that Van Damme can still get in on the joke and make fun of himself.  Are you listening, Steven Seagal?  You are more likely to be in shit like this instead...
Hurray- it didn't suck!  That other one still does though!

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