Saturday, May 24, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Night of the Lepus (Part 1)

Wow, this one is a long-time coming...for many reasons.  I have actually owned this Film for years and watch it almost every Easter.  When I rewatched it this year, I paid more attention to these Poor Bastards and was going to induct them.

Well, I am now.

Night of the Lepus, as you may know, is about killer rabbits in the West.  Giant, killer rabbits.  Dig it!

Early in the movie, we get this Truck Driver who stops to check his load...
He's got company- cute, deadly company.
'I'm in a film about WHAT?!?!?'
The next day, the Sheriff finds him and...yeah, I'd say that he's dead.

Or, to quote a famous line, 'He was dead five minutes ago.'
So who was he?  A Truck Driver.  No name given, no name asked.  What a pointless death.

As a side-note, there is a later Character in the Film (who is attacked, but not killed) that looks ALOT like this guy.  I was a bit confused.  See for yourself...
Up next, the second group of Poor Bastards.  They have even less set-up than this one!  Stay tuned...

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