Sunday, May 18, 2014

Godzilla Comics: That Time That Godzilla Fought Hercules

As it seems that the new Godzilla is making a shit-ton of money, I might as well keep going!

In an early Issue (#3), Big G attacks San Francisco and draws the attention of...The Champions?

For those of you who are less nerdy, The Champions were a Marvel Team consisting of (and this is true) Hercules, Angel, Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Darkstar and Iceman.  It is the Magnetic Poetry of Superhero Teams!

Anyhow, their big gun (Hercules) is brave enough to literally step in the way of Godzilla's foot.  Top that, Rock!
What does Hercules do for his 13th Labor?

Why Judo Flip mother-loving Godzilla, that's what!
Sadly, this doesn't do the trick and Godzilla appears primed for an escape.  Being Hercules, he does a strong and dumb thing: chuck a piece of the bridge at Godzilla!

Spoiler Alert- it doesn't end well.
 Oh and if any of you still doubt Hercules and all of his might, I have to share this with you as well.
That, my friends, is Hercules towing a disconnected (don't ask) Staten Island by himself!

There's strong and then there's Godly strong!  Word!

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