Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'80s Trash: Sorority House Massacre II

In honor of Mayoween, I know present you with my second Guest Post for The Moon is a Dead World.  You can view it at this link or below.
Mondo Bizarro here once again with a bit of '80s Slasher Crap.  You never do seem to run out of these, even when you consider that they obviously stopped making it.  Well, aside from the Hatchet Films anyways.  It is time to put on your smallest lingerie and screech as you enter the Sorority House Massacre II...
This is a Jim Wynorski Film (he does alot of Sequels!), so we don't exactly get a complex plot to work with.  A Sorority (of like four people) buy up a new House.  They got it super-cheap, so I'm sure that it is great!
As it turns out, a bunch of murders happened at the House.  Here's the rub: it wasn't the murders from the previous Film!  No, it is a bunch of different murders!  A man went crazy and killed his family, only to be killed.  Joy- it's The Amityville Horror Case.

Just to make things extra silly, we get the world's most obvious Red Herring ever.  I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a joke or not.
That night, the ladies strip down to their totally-natural lingerie and hang around the house.  When they split up, some of them start to get killed by an unseen killer.

Is it the evil Neighbor?  No, of course not.

In fact, it is not something else that might be logical- like say the survivor of the original killings- or paranormal- like the killer's ghost.  No, it is actually one of Sorority Girls *possessed* by the Killer when they used a Ouija Board briefly earlier.

Oh and just to make things really silly, the Neighbor is stabbed, choked and shot a dozen times...but lives.  He'll be in the next sort-of Sequel.  Maybe next Mayoween.  The End.

This is just silly now.  To be fair, it is a Jim Wynorski Film.  I don't hate the guy, but he has never made what would be considered a 'great' film.  He either makes utter shit Films (like Pirahnaconda), softcore Porn Films (like The Witches of Breastwick) or Films that turn out to be goofy fun (like Deathstalker 2).  This is kind of a mix of the first and the last actually.  If it was all ladies in lingerie being chased around by a man in a mask/helmet/hood, it might have been more fun.  Unfortunately, once the carnage starts, you realize that they are going to pull a Twist Ending on you.  Why keep not showing the killer?  There's no misdirection or trickery- they are just not showing you the person.  Given that the only possible person they set up is obviously not the Killer, it is a given where this goes.  So it is not clever and it takes away from what could be fun.  This is a great example of how NOT to use Twist Endings.  Aside from this bit of bad Writing, it is everything you expect from a Movie with this Title.  I'll leave you with a rare case of the Title Line being given in a Newspaper...
That concludes my Guest Reviews for Mayoween.

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