Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Dei: Mother's Boys

A Mother's Love is pure.  A Mother's Love is kind.  A Mother's Love is...murder?  Today's film is Mother's Boys, a 1994 Thriller Starring Jamie Lee Curtis.  This was the same year that she was in True Lies, so this is obviously not her high point.  That said, it is obvious why she wanted to be in this Film- she gets to be the bad guy.  I'm sure that playing such a dark, deceitful person can be quite fun.  Consider how often some Actors/Actresses get type-cast into one kind of Role and this is how you get Films like this made.  So what is the Story, you ask.  Well, Curtis is a woman who abandoned her family years ago & now returns to try and reclaim them.  Yes, it is another one of the Women Gone Crazy Films that were popular in this time.  You know the ones- The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The Crush, Single White Female and even Mommy.  Joy.  This is also one of the Films from the 90s where solid Writing that holds up to more than a minute's thought is passed over for convenience.  Oy.  Will this mostly-forgotten Film (with a Blu-Ray release though, apparently) be worth it?  To find out, read on...
Curtis has done her time with Psychiatrists and Shrinks, but now she thinks that she is ready.  Given that your outfit is from the Scheming Mistress Collection, I doubt it.
She returns and tries to integrate herself back into the lives of her old family- including her three Sons.  The problem is that Dad has moved on and wants a divorce.  They act like she has been gone for years, so I wonder what the hold up was.
She really tries her best to pull him away from his new lady- Val Kilmer's now ex-wife Joanna Whalley.  This leads to some seducing, some manipulation and weird bit where she fakes being attacked by the woman.

Why is it odd?  Because the scene just happens and there seems to be little mention of it.  Did it work?  No answer.
Since this is all pretty by-the-book, let's talk about something else.  For example, this film is *literally* by-the-book.

Great- more Books to read for Fiction vs. Fiction (assuming I ever do more of them)!
Here's another Fun Fact for you: the eldest Son is played by the same kid who played the video game Wizard in the Film The Wizard.  He emotes alot more here as he seems to be turned by Curtis after...
...she has a heart-to-heart talk in the Bath.  It's meant to be weird and creepy...and in that regard it works.

By the time she shows off her C-Section scar to him- but not the audience-, however, it has pretty much 'jumped the Shark.'  It gets to be way too silly!
This leads to a somewhat silly Climax involving the kids holding the new girlfriend hostage- no really.  God bless you, kid- you tried to be intense.
This all leads to a car crash and a wreck hanging off of the side of the most random cliff ever.  Curtis tries to kill Whalley, but a sudden shake leads to her falling into the abyss.  Sure- why not?!?

They end the Film with a tease of the kid being evil now...or something.  That's nice.  The End.
It is not the worst, but it does nothing to stand out.  Barring some tweaks to the formula, you've seen this many times over.  So many things about the Story just seem convenient or lazy too.  Curtis left her family some vague time ago (around two years, I think) and now the husband wants to divorce her (after many attempts to contact her).  So, naturally, his Lawyer- Brass from C.S.I.!- tells him that he will still lose custody to her in Court.  I'm sorry, but what?!?  I know the 'Wives always win in Divorce Cases' idea is well-accepted (but not always true), but really?!?  Inception at least explained this better, albeit with its own conceits added.  Another bit involves the youngest Son tripping while carrying a glass and somehow falling right onto a piece of glass (which stabs him).  What are the odds of that happening?  Is this a Final Destination Film all of a sudden?  I still don't get the 'I Pretend To Be Attacked' bit either.  She's on the other side of the room and cuts her forehead, so the people that come in naturally believe her.  I'm sorry, but does Whalley have telekinetic powers?  Why would you believe this?  Hell, why would you believe this random lady over a person you've worked with for years?!?  The whole thing rides on you believing stuff like this.  It is not a bad Film though, to be honest.  It's not a great Film either though.  Is it the best Mother's Day Film I've watched so far?  Maybe, but that's not the highest bar in the world.  I will leave you with one last chance at intensity from our kid lead...
Up next, a proper review to the latest Quentin Dupiex Film.  Barring another Holiday surprising me, I will get to bug Maynard properly.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Oh my fucking goodness. Thanks for the reminder. I COMPLETELY forgot that this film even existed. Seen it sometime in the 90s and as far as I remember, I enjoyed it, but back then, I was a teenager who got the hots for Jamie, and I liked everything with her in it :-)