Friday, May 23, 2014

Immediate Response: X-Men- Days of Future Past

Yeah, shocking- I know.  I'm a giant nerd and I already saw this movie.  To the critique...
The Good
* The Effects are great.  All of the money is visible on-screen, whether it is CG or a practical effects.
* The Story has a big, epic feel.  The Film needs it and it delivers.
* Every Character- even less-known ones like Blink, Warpath and Bishop- get a chance to shine.
* They are wise to use the major Characters as anchors to keep it all together- Jackman's Wolverine especially.
* The Film makes you love Quicksilver (in his small role).
* Continuity- for the most part- is maintained and addressed.  There are things to address in the future though.

The Bad
* With so many characters, many of them just look neat, but get nothing to do.  Many of them- like Bishop, Blink and Colossus- just do fighting and may not even get named here.
Hell, I had to look up to verify that the fiery guy is Sunspot (as, admittedly, his powers have changed over the years).  He's just an Hispanic guy with fire powers.
* The Timeline from Film to Film is getting really blurry now.  Toad is middle-aged?  Mystique is how old?!?
* Without SPOILing too much, many characters from First Class are written out in a cheap way.  Don't go to this film if you really wanted to see Emma Frost, Banshee or (Bug-Winged) Angel.
* I can't help but not buy the 'Time Travel takes place at a parallel time' idea here.  It is done for dramatic effect- I know.
* Why can Kitty Pryde do 'mental time-travel' here?  It is not explained- at all.
* While I'm curious to see where this Story goes, the Ending raises many MANY questions about how time-travel works.  If this goes unaddressed, it will just feels cheap.

In summary, it is a big, interesting Film.  It cuts corners a bit at times, but still lives up to the hype.  Will it win the Summer?

That, my friends, is up to you!

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