Friday, May 23, 2014

Indy Flix: The Cinema Snob Movie

Now you too can learn the Secret Origin of The Cinema Snob.  For a big chunk of you, your response may be 'Who?'  Fair enough.  Internet Celebrity Status is a random and fickle one.  You can be super-famous to one person, while unknown to others.  To be fair, that can be somewhat true with actual Celebrity Status, based on time and location.  True story: I mentioned Vincent Price to a lady at my old job and she said 'Who?'  I really wanted to slap her, but I'm far too nice for that.  I punched a baby instead.  Anyhow, he's famous to a certain niche of people, myself included.  Apart from being an Internet Film Critic (the best job ever), he is also an Independent Filmmaker.  Since I got two of them- the previously-reviewed Paranoia and this one-, I will do my second review.  The Cinema Snob Movie is about...well, you figure it out.  It is a somewhat Meta Film that spews out more Film References in two hours than I do in about three weeks.  Granted- I got most of the people/movies mentioned, but I still feel like less of a nerd now.  Thanks, movie!  I won't SPOIL most of the crazy and weird moments, since, well, they are less effective then.  To find out just how a man finds a job in which he reviews Caligula II, read on...
Craig is an amateur Screenwriter who wants to turn his latest work- a Grindhouse Film called Black Angus- into reality.  A Snob, however, refuses to help him fund it.
Him and his friend find a new backer- Internet Celebrity The Spoony One-, but it turns out that they still need permits.
The plan- have Craig impersonate a Cinema Snob and get in the good graces of the man.  He comes up with the perfect cover identity...
Hmm...let's try it again.
That's better.  So he infilitrates the group and has to suffer through them over-critiquing Being John Malkovich.

Even to me, these people are insufferable.
Things get bad when members of the group are getting killed by an unseen killer.  Dig the low-budget gore!
The Cops, naturally, start to investigate these related murders.  Craig and the love-interest (also the Wife of the man they need Permits from) decide to investigate the crimes like in Giallo Films.

Oh and for the record, Dario Argento over Lucio Fulci for all-time!  You bet on the wrong horse, characters in the Film.
Craig sets about trying to solve the case with all of his...non-detective skills as the body count.  My detective skills notice a promo poster for often-mocked Spielberg Film 1941 in the background.
Can he solve the crime?  Can he get his Film made?  Will this set-up a Video Review Series (with no storyline)?  To find out, watch the movie.  The End.
It is good and definitely shows some promise.  The Story is simple enough, but that's fine for an 'origin story' like this.  I will note again how much of the dialog is just people mentioning a movie or someone in a movie.  Like I said, I got alot of them, but it started to turn into 'This was also a thing.'  I did like the Snob's fake name being 'Vincent Dawn' though.  Any Bruno Mattei fans out there?  I will say this: the Acting is not super good and the thing looks somewhat cheap at times.  To be fair, it is.  I haven't watched the VLogs on his Site about how the Film was made, but I know that it wasn't a big-budget affair.  There are things that make more sense when you know some of the stories.  For example, Spoony doesn't live in Illinois, so he just shot while he was there.  That helps explain why his latter Scenes are in a room all by himself and just talking on the phone.  It doesn't bother me all that much.  If this Film is a sign of what Brad and company are going to do in the future, it is certainly a good one.  While the low-budget feel and name-dropping dialog isn't for everyone, I had a good time.  I will now enjoy some [Label Covered] Alcohol...
Up next, I revisit a Thai Remake that has Fight.  If you can fight with one leg, you're a bad-ass!  Stay tuned...

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