Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Terrible- Dead or Alive? *UPDATED*

This is the news that I'm sure that at least five people are wondering about- is Project Terrible still going?  Well, it's complicated...

For the time being, Carl will not be taking part.  Whenever he decides to, his spot is open.

With that said, Project Terrible is kind of silly if it's just me torturing myself.  I mean, I already do that!

With that said, I'm officially opening Project Terrible up to anyone who wants to take part!

If you don't know, here are the basic rules:

1. Accept a set of films- somewhere between 2 and 5- to review.
2. In exchange, I will review whatever 2-5 films you pick for me (unless I already have).
3. There are no general limitations on film choices.  I, myself, have done the Twilight trilogy (so far), We Are the Strange and Bone Sickness- so I can take whatever you can throw at me!
4. More importantly, links are shared across all sites that take part.  I'll link you, you'll link me and so on.  Who wants to turn down the possibility of new readers in exchange for what you're already doing?

If you want to take part, e-mail me with the words 'Project Terrible' in the Subject line.  My address is as follows TimTE01- @

UPDATE: Maynard Morrisey's Horror Blog is on-board.  Will you join him?

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