Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Ninja (Part 1)

Poor Bastards of Cinema in an action film?  Get out.

In 2009's Ninja, the villain of the film is trying to fly from Japan to New York to confront our hero.  Unfortunately, the plane is sold out.  There is, however, someone walking by with one though...
This guy picks up his ticket and goes towards the terminal...
Being the master of subtlety, the evil ninja shoots the man with a poison dart.  Yeah, that's subtle.
The man dies in the middle of the terminal, as the ninja drags him off to the bathroom.  Is there no security here?!?
Oh, you're wearing the man's glasses.  That will apparently get you through security at both this Airport and JFK International.
So this guy's only crime is having a ticket for an airplane and vaguely-looking like the villain?  Geez.

Up next, a second Poor Bastard comes from Ninja.  It's wrong place, wrong time for him.  Stay tuned...

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