Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Cemetery Gates (Part 2)

Cemetery Gates takes another victim today.  This time, it is a random lady who is out for a bike ride...
...until the Tasmanian Devil attacks her.  More accurately, a big Ewok jumps at a bike.
She flees, but runs into the inbred hick characters who are not exactly friendly.  Well, fondling her is one way to say 'hello.'
Unfortunately, she has to choose between being raped by them or being eaten.
Yeah, good call.  I should note that they get that they can be eaten later.
By the way, this lady didn't have a name either.  She's just more fodder for the movie's beast.  Yea.

Up next, a man learns that life can be full of shit.  In this case, it comes from a dinosaur.  Stay tuned...

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