Wednesday, June 22, 2011

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: Sand Serpents

In the Syfy Channel film (and upcoming review in July) Sand Serpents, our heroes have escaped their terrorist captors and call in a blackhawk helicopter for rescue.
"Hurray!  There's no way that this won't turn out to be bad, especially since it's only 20 minutes into the film!"
"Oh shit- Ron Jeremy is attacking!  Hide the women!"
Quick aside- don't these things have radar?  It just seems like a 100-foot worm would show up on that!
Oh right- the helicopter is destroyed and all of the people on board are dead.  Darn the luck!  Darn the luck!
The worst part is that Samuel L. Jackson was on board explaining how they could use the helicopter to escape the building full of dog soldiers!  Ha ha ha- confusing, referent joke!

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