Wednesday, December 7, 2016

TV on the Internet: Ash vs. Evil Dead- 'Home Again'

Alright- we're back on track!  Unfortunately for our Heroes, things go somewhat awry...
After the last victory was tainted by loss, Ash comes up with a crazy plan to set things right.
Unfortunately, this goes all sorts of wrong right from the get-go.  Whoops.
Ash goes through personal and internal issues this Episode.  Has he learned from experience?
Will Ash's return to fix an old mess reveal new secrets that will help humanity...
...or will he just get more people killed?
Oh and how is this thing back?!?  To find out, watch the Episode.
A fun trip to the Past.  Kudos to Ash vs Evil Dead for keeping things fresh.  While last Season was good, it kept on a consistent pattern.  In this Season, they constantly keep you on your toes.  They're in Florida and then Ash's Dad shows up.  He's fighting a demon Car and now he's in a Sanitarium?  In this Episode, they go back to 1982- why not?!?  That said, they have fun with the idea that Ash is revisiting his past exploits with his knowledge of what to do and what not to do.  Everyone has fun with this new location and the Story plays with it well.  After 3 main Films and like 207 Video Games, it is good to see them with new stuff to do.  By filling in more of the Story, this feels like they are really doing something with the premise.  All in all, fun stuff that makes me curious just to see where they are going.  In lieu of a shot of Ash's face covered in blood, here's a marquee letting you now that it is 1982...
Next time, more past trouble filtered through future experience.  What kind of crazy will happen next?  See you then.

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