Thursday, December 1, 2016

Screener Flix: Krampus Unleashed

Since I already have Christmas locked down (Bob knows why), I might as well do some of this stuff earlier.  So why not kick off the Month properly with a new Film on VOD?
This is Krampus.  H'es not friendly.  He's not cute.  He just kills!
Mixing things up, the Film opens with a Flashback bit in the 1890s.  I didn't expect that!
Krampus is awakened in the present day (I won't say how) and runs across a Family on which to feed!
It doesn't go well for them- at all.

It's not a SPOILER to tell you that people die in a Horror Film, right?
Can they hide from this Creature?
Or is running the only option (assuming that works)?  To find out, watch the Film.

It is on VOD now and will be out on December 13th on DVD for us non-Hipsters.
Holiday fun?  In case it wasn't clear, this is an officially-licensed Screener, so bear that in mind.  That said, I'm still going to be honest with you.  When the Film works, it does so pretty well.  The Gore is nice, it looks nice enough and it has good atmosphere.  The problem is that the Film doesn't always work.  The opening Scene- good.  The long, fairly-drawn-out middle part- less so.  Don't get me wrong- I know how Films works.  You have to take time to set everyone up, even if you are just planning to slaughter them all.  The problem is that you get Gore in the first 10 minutes and then barely anything for the next forty or so.  Pacing is the key here.  If they had given you more Atmosphere and a little Krampus action in-between, this would be easier to recommend.  As it is, Krampus Unleashed has a good Intro, a slow middle and a fairly-fun Closing.  To make the Pacing odder, the kills come hard and fast once the 'Horror' part starts up again.  I would also note that the Film has a Character re-explain the Intro to us.  Explain it to the Characters- sure.  It is so easy to not make it feel like padding.  The Cop is checking around for the creature while our Heroes meet Exposition Guy.  When he starts telling the Story, cut back to the Cop for a few minutes.  When you cut back, he's done.  Easy peezy.  The Film has some issues, but definitely delivers as a Low-Budget Gore Film- good enough.  Let's see how the next one (with friend of the Site) turns out...
Mostly by-the-books stuff, but it does use its Budget well.  If you like Low-Budget Horror, this one will not disappoint.

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