Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Suicide Squad (2016)

Given the body count in Suicide Squad, how can a few stand out?  I'll show you...

Incubus possesses this guy's body, but apparently needs more to get to full power.  His Host passes out in the Subway.
What luck- there is a Doctor in the House...or Subway.
He's dead, grabbed by Incubus to help make him his new body.
The Cop who saw the man 'faint'- he's dead too.
Last but not least, the guy filming this all in the background- he's dead too.

There is also the people on the Subway Train too, but their deaths are less explicit.
Basically, they died to make a guy into a giant, CG sprite.  How pointless.

The message: don't ride the Subway.  Inca Demons won't kill you on the Bus!

This Message brought to you by Greyhound (TM).

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