Thursday, December 8, 2016

Quick Reviews: Attack on Titan- The End of the World

I thought that I'd have to wait longer to do this one, but I'll take what I can get.  The Titan Saga concludes now...
In the previous Film, we learn that Titans terrorize the World and things are really bad.

After the Film recapping just that, they then show mysterious people burning books.  Okay...
Our Hero is being held by the Military after what happened in the shocking conclusion to the last Film.  Will he get out alive?
Yes, but there are still more mysteries here.  For example, does this remind you of The Architect?
He joins up with the most famous Titan Killer, but this creates a conflict when his new pal wants to kill his old pals and steal their bomb.
Will our Hero be able to defeat the most devious and clever Titan of them all?
Or will the Titans be too strong for anyone to stop?  To find out, watch the Film(s).
Dark, violent stuff.  The Film suffers and thrives by being the second part of the Story.  It does get to benefit from things built up- be they bombs or kicks-, but it also gets an awkward start-stop problem due to having to explaining things.  There are 18 minutes before the Title appears, at least 10 minutes of which are just clips from the previous Film.  So, if both Films are about 90 minutes with Credits, why not just combine them?  This one has a good 10-15 minutes of back-fill/old footage, so this could easily be one epic-length Film.  Hell, it would still be shorter than ANY of those Hobbit Films.  That tangent aside, this one is quite good at what it wants to be.  While you have to wait a bit for it (the first third of the Film is mostly a tease), the Action is quite crazy.  Nobody is truly safe and the CG blood sure flies.  Without SPOILing too much, they do explain alot that was mysterious in the first Film, but there are still some things to be explained.  I will also say that it is odd how little the normal Titans factor into this one.  In any event, the second half/part really delivers.  Considering that I have never watched the Anime (save for Commercials for it), I'd say that I'm a good, unbiased source to review it.  If anyone has a problem with that, they can take it up with my new pal...
Crazy stuff that does suffer a bit from slow pacing early on.  The final product is crazy, bloody and fun though.

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