Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lost TV: Stephen King's Golden Years- Episode 1

After doing a ton of The Twilight Zone and all of Twin Peaks (until 2017, of course), I need something new/old to cover.  I picked this 1991 Series Written for TV by Mr. King himself.

Considering that I meant to do this ages ago, I might as well not waste any time.
This is Harlan Williams (no relation to the Comedian).  He's an old man who works at a Defense Department Facility, but will soon be fired due to his Age.
Said Facility is hosting an experiment by Dr. Toddhunter (really, Stephen?!?) involving a Particle Accelerator.  Sadly, he does not create The Flash.
As the device starts to explode, Dr. Trollhunter insists they not stop.  This leads to a bigger explosion and...
Williams being bathed in some sort of glowing energy.  Sadly, he does not become The Hulk.
A General (the late Ed Lauter) and the Head of Security (Felicity Huffman!) investigate what happened.
As he recovers in the Hospital, Williams starts to exhibit weird symptoms.  Where will this lead?

Find out next Episode.
A good start, even if it is just all build-up.  To be fair, how else does something like this work?  They have to introduce all of the Characters, the Setting and set up the events that make the Show.  That is just how that works.  In any event, they do that quite well.  We see our Lead, understand his situation and hope that he can make it work.  They do drag things out a little- like what felt like an eternity arguing over how the light worked-, but it is mostly-paced well.  The pay-off to the light issue is pretty darn good.  The fact that they use it for humor- good.  The Episode features Stephen Root too, so they have a natural asshole to play off of too.  There's some odd stuff going on between Lauter and Huffman's Characters too, so I'm kind of curious where that goes.  In spite of the odd Film-style cut of the Show, I'm going to stick with this either way.  Despite being known for Horror, the only scary part- setting up a bit where 2 octogenarians fooling around in the Shower!
Next time, what symptoms will Williams show?  Will the Government find out?  See you then...

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