Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Quick Reviews: All Through the House

Well, it is nearly Christmas, so that means that I have to do at least one more low-Budget Christmas Film...
In a nice, quiet Town, a man dressed as a Killer Santa is on the loose.

Is there a system for making sure that only one shows up at a time?  Do they have to check in on 4Square or something?
Our Heroine is a woman coming back to Town for the Holidays and mourning her missing Mother.

She has an odd resemblance to WWE's Paige, which is a really weird coincidence all things considered!
The masked Man has two basic moves: stab with shears and cut off junk.  Nice guy.
What does this all have to do with a missing girl from the past?  I won't SPOIL.
Will the killer continue his spree unabated?  Will he continue to act like Michael Meyers, further complicating the whole 'Is Black Christmas the inspiration for Halloween' thing?
Or will his killing spree be stopped by our heroes (or all of these butterflies)?  To find out, watch the Film.
Gray Christmas.  This one is all about two things: Christmas and ridiculous gore.  The Killer goes old-school with some shears straight out of The Burning.  I suppose it is only fitting given how this Film is arguably a mix of Halloween and Black Christmas (two even older Films).  It definitely has the cheap, grimey thing going for it, even if I'm not sure how much of that is intentional.  The big draw here is the old-school gore.  You get lots of stabbings, cuttings and slashings.  They never change up the weaponry, but at least mix up the locations.  Ultimately though, this Film is about 70% random people being killed by 'Santa' and 30% Plot.  Said Plot is kind of interesting at first, but ultimately didn't keep my interest.  As always, I realize that some of you may like it more.  All Through the House is a decent, but shallow attempt at doing an Old-School Holiday Slasher Film.  It does have some nice Snowmen in it though...
Bloody and not that engrossing for me, unfortunately.  You may buy into the Story more than I did though.

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