Sunday, December 18, 2016

Top Ten Craziest Foreign Films: 2016 Edition

So there is only one qualifier for this one: it must be Foreign.

The Countries I've covered Films from this year include Japan, Australia, China, Italy, England, Mexico, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Egypt, Brazil and Ireland!

Honorable Mentions include Turkish Mad Max, Lake of Dracula, Mil Mascaras vs. The Mummy, Attack on Titan: Part 1 & 2 and Marauders.

Let's get to the crazy...

10. Wild Beasts: Stop me if you've heard this one before- a Zoo accidentally lets PCP get in their Water Supply and the Animals go on a rampage.  Of course you haven't!  With deaths via Lions, Elephants and even a Polar Bear, this one only ranks lower due to them switching out a Serial Killer for the Animals.
9. The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly: While the original (Japanese) Invisible Man was a bit silly, this one ups the ante.  He must stop a Thief and Killer who can shrink...which somehow allows him to fly.  Good luck with the Science on this one!

8. The Rapeman: How this is a Comedy?  That's all I've got.

7. The Cemetery of Terror: A culmination of all sorts of bad events in spite of all logic.  A Killer comes back to life.  An evil Book is opened.  Zombies are rising from you graves.  How did this all happen on the same night?!?

6. Ismael Yassin Meets Frankenstein: The short version- this is a Remake of the 1948 Horror Classic Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein courtesy of Egypt.  It is mostly the same, only worse.  It does at least call The Monster something different- a Mummy!
5. Killed His Family and Went to the Movies: With the Olympics this Year, I focused on Brazil a bit.  While not the craziest Film of their's I covered, this one sure is strange.  A man kills his Parents and then goes to the Movies, seeing himself in said Movie and possibly altering the Film...or something.  It is all super-Arty and weird.

4. Abducted by the Daleks: Someone made Bootleg Dr. Who Porn.  To be fair, it is Softcore.  I only watched it for the Review, so don't judge me!
3. Terra Formars: Yes, I just covered this, but it counts.  Humans are given Insect Mutations to fight Mutated Cockroaches on Mars.  How could this not be in the Top 5?

2. This Night, I'll Possess Your Corpse: It is hard to top Coffin Joe.  This is the more famous Film in the Series, since it features his 'trip to Hell.'  It is the only part of the Film in Color and it stands out as being crazy.  The fact that they try to turn Joe into an anti-hero in this one is just a bonus.

1. The Last Frankenstein (aka Japanese Frankenstein): This one is just too damn weird to explain well.  There is Dr. Frankenstein, a Suicide Cult, a Psychic and a bunch of other random things.  It sort of ties together, but not really.  I'd love to see someone explain this to me properly.
Can 2017 get even crazier for Foreign Films?  With Japan still kicking out 2,000 Films a Year, probably!

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