Saturday, December 17, 2016

Top Ten Best Films I Reviewed in 2016

Now for the rest of the stuff.  These are the Films that I really liked this Year- just not the ones that actually came out in 2016.

Make sense?  Good.  Great.

Honorable Mentions include some that are bad, but so just so much fun for being so: Raptor (2001), Brainscan, Black ZooWild Beasts, Wolfguy- Enraged Lycanthrope and Jaws of Satan.

10. Extraordinary Tales: For something that could be routine, they make it feel fresh.  This Poe Anthology is made great by the neat Animation and use of great Voice Actors.  Thanks to Technology, it is a timeless Cast that puts Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee in a Film together in 2015!
9. Murder in the Zoo: This one is notable for its surprising content.  The Film is old enough to predate the Hayes Code (look it up), but that actually frees it up to be really dark.  A Zoo Owner kills any man that talks to his wife in violent, shocking ways and even feeds her to Crocodiles!  This is from the 1930s!

8. The Mind's Eye: It just worked for me.  It nailed the Grindhouse Vibe, but also worked on its own.  It did Scanners right, something the Sequels rarely did.

7. Tokyo Tribe: A Japanese Hip-Hop Musical Action Film.  It sounds crazy, but it totally works!
6. Adventures of Power: There's no way that something this silly works.  A Story about a guy in an Air Drumming Competition combined with a tale of Union strife in a small Town- no way.  The Film just has so much heart, however, that it totally sucks you in.

5. Moonwalkers: Fun with Conspiracy Theories!  This one works because of the Acting and all of the work done to make it feel like the time it is set in.  At least one Harry Potter Actor made a good List...

4. Red StateDoes this make up for what I said about Yoga Hosers?  Smith's 2011 Comedy-Drama is actually more balanced than you'd think, doesn't sacrifice Story for Humor and only really falters a bit at the end.  A good, solid Film

3. Doomed- The Untold Story of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four: A good Doc and it was free.  It was interesting to hear the tale of how this Film that wasn't meant to be released got made.  Everyone just had fun and was totally honest- just what you hope for in one of these.

2. The Exorcist: I suppose it would be dickish to snub the most famous Horror Film of all Time.  Joking aside, it is quite good.  The Pacing is slow at first, but it earns its Horror and rarely cheats.

1. The Lobster: How can this not be #1?  A Comedy about a Future where people that can't find love are turned into Animals.  It works so well by being dry and acerbic with such a bizarre and silly concept.  Go see it already.  Oopa!
Alright, this one should be less controversial.

Seriously, go see The Lobster!

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