Saturday, December 17, 2016

Top Ten Surprising Films of 2016

These are the Films I reviewed that were released this Year that surprised me.

Remember- it doesn't have to be a good surprise!

10. The Boy: Again- not always a good surprise.  This Film feels like your standard Ghost Film made popular by Paranormal Activity.  Right before the Third Act, it has a sudden twist that makes it...interesting.

9, The Killer Robots!- Crash and Burn: This bizarre Film sure wasn't that good.  Made for almost no money, they have a bunch of interesting first.  By the time they stretch it to 90 minutes, I was just bored.
8. The Witch: A good surprise.  Like last Year, there is always one Film (or two) that was hyped to hell and actually delivered.  This one nails the Tone, Setting and Atmosphere.  It is not for everyone, of course, but I loved it.

7. Scare Campaign: So I go into alot of Films 'blind,' which sometimes works and usually doesn't.  In this case, I knew nothing about this Australian Slasher, but it was actually quite good.  The Plot can be a bit overly-complex...but I'm nitpicking.
6. Ghostbusters (2016): It wasn't an abomination that went back in time and ruined two other Films for me.  Shocking- right?  This one isn't perfect, but it sure was fun.  Maybe just chill out next time, Internet.

5. Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: This should suck, right?  Well, I liked it.  They play it seriously, but let the silly stuff stay in.  They literally just transposed a Zombie Apocalypse into the Story and it kind of works.

4. The Mind's Eye: A low-Budget Film that actually works as faux Exploitation.  Considering that I watched two awful Genre Comedies/Horrors, this one was thankfully-good.  Heads explode so that's always a plus.
3. X-Men- Apocalypse: Bryan Singer lets me down- surprisingly.  For as ambitious as the Film tries to be, it is just...generic.  It gave me Characters that I wanted to see again- like Nightcrawler- and just did so little with them.  Sorry, Havoc.

2. League of Gods: Considering the fact that I'd never even heard of this one, it was a delight.  The whole thing is just balls-out crazy.  It just goes for it.  It is all kinds of Cliche and silly...but it looks pretty awesome.

1. Deadpool: This was going to be #2, but Deadpool threatened to shiv me if I didn't move it up.  Seriously though, this one was great.  It completely worked for me and made me a little sad to see how little Fox did with the Mainstream X-Men stuff (see #3).

Alright, that's enough focusing on the negative, right?

Let me see if I can talk about something good...

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