Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quick Reviews: Suicide Squad- Extended Cut (2016)

Alright, well...I might as well get to this one.  Is DC's poorly-rated hit a good Film or not?  Since I know you were just waiting for me to tell you, I will...
In the wake of Batman v Superman, the Government wants a team of Criminals as back-up should things go awry.

How they think that people like Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc could have stopped Zod with less casualties is anyone's guess.
Deadshot is also here and he's...a killer with a young Daughter.  Aw, that's instantly-endearing.

By the way, the Internet freaks out over Lady Ghostbusters and Black Johnny Storm, but has no issue with Black Deadshot?  Consistency, Trolls!
As the Team is prepped for a mysterious mission to rescue an HVT, Slipknot is also here.  The fact that he gets no Intro Scene/Graphic should definitely not be a sign of how disposable he is.
The Team- along with Handlers like Rick Flagg, Katana and anonymous Soldiers- must stop strange creatures along the way.

These Creatures are so dangerous that EVERYONE can destroy their heads in one swing- even Captain Boomerang!
The threat- Enchantress and her evil Brother Incubus.  Big props to Amanda Waller for setting this all up with her incompetence- like pretty much every problem in the Film.
...and yes, there is a glowing sky portal.  Why wouldn't there be?

Can our 'Heroes' work together to save the World or die trying?  To find out, watch the Film.
Not great, but not utter crap either.  To be honest, I feel bad for this Movie more than I feel bothered by it.  The basic concept is good.  The execution is just all over the map and ridiculous.  I could spend hours discussing how they messed this up.  Instead, I'll just say my positives- it generally looks nice.  Now let me be brief with these...
1) The Villains are barely Villains.
2) Most of the Cast is just not charismatic.
3) Will Smith can't help but be Will Smith, even when he's an assassin.  Also, why no mask?
4) Captain Boomerang was pointless and mostly just there to remind you of Deadpool.
5) Even if they're innocent, the racial stereotyping here is just plain bad.
6) The Story is just a mess as far as tone, pacing and how it was Edited.
7) They cast arguably the worst Actress here in the Role that required range.
8) You introduce the Characters and have them fight an Incan Demi-God?  Really.
9) What a waste of Katana.
10) That pointless Post-Credits Scene.

I feel better now.  I'll leave you with the Film giving the middle-finger to Harley fans by showing her classic outfit...and just having her dress like a bit of a skank (which, to be fair, she is here)....
Considering that it has gotten so much negative hype, I have to say that...it is still kind of a mess.  It isn't awful though- just confusingly-chopped together by several Scripts and Edits.

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