Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pilot Wings: Channel Zero

Don't worry- I'm not taking on yet another Show to cover, even if one only has a single Episode left.

No, this is all about covering the 1st Episodes of Shows.  I'll stick with newer ones right now, but who knows what will come next.  I could do 200 of these or abandon it in 3 months.

In any event, this is Channel Zero...
Debuting in October, this Show is a commercial attempt to make Creepypasta.  Don't ask me about the name- it just is what it is.

The basic idea is that people take creepy stories and 'copy & paste' them everywhere to spread the Story.  They are mostly just designed to be weird and unsettling, which is what the Show goes for.

Our Lead is a Psychologist who is having some weird dreams related to this past.  The solution?
Go home after 20+ years to surprise everyone.  What could go wrong?
The whole thing connects to the deaths of many kids when he was younger- including his Brother- and a strange Show that all of the kids watched...
When a kid goes missing, revelations about everyone in Town- including our Lead- start to come out.  What is real and what is imaginary?
Most importantly, what in God's name is that?!?!?

To find out, watch the Show.
Creepy fun.  This one starts out slow, but builds up dread very well.  They slowly unveil the true Story quite well.  The Acting is nice.  The Setting is great.  While it is not the most original thing out there, it makes me want to start watching the actual Show.  That's what a Pilot is for, right?  I'm not going to get sucked into Creepypasta though, no matter how creepy they make this Show...
It doesn't give you alot of Story in the Pilot, but it nails the creepy vibe.  A+ for Atmosphere.

Got more 'Pilots' for me to check out?  Leave a comment.

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