Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quick Reviews: Edge of Winter

As long as I'm reviewing old-timey Racism and giant Monsters, I might as well do an Indy Drama!  My logic is fun!
A slightly-unhinged man (Joel Kinnaman) is being given his kids for the Weekend.
Good news- his oldest Son is Spider-Man.

No, he's just some kid.  He's not happy with this arrangement.
When their Car gets wrecked, the trio are now stuck in the Woods.  At least Dad is holding it together.
Oh wait.
Things are only going to get worse before they get better.  Damn you, Ice!
When 2 new people show up, will they bring salvation or more trouble?  Will Dad snap (thus showing more emotion than Kinnaman has ever shown in a U.S. Film)?

To find out, watch the Film.
Good, but kind of hollow.  To be fair, the Film is full of good, interesting performances.  Unfortunately, that was just about all there was for me.  There is a Plot- just not much to talk about.  They go to the Woods, get stuck and then stuff happens.  I can't complain about the Film overall- it just wasn't that interesting overall.  Kinnaman and Holland do good jobs with their Roles, as underwritten as they are.  Edge of Winter had potential to be an interesting, claustrophobic Character Drama...but just had the last part.  My big question: why did they put in a Special Thanks for Seth Rogen?
Very much a Character Piece...but nothing more.  The bare-bones Plot is just enough to have everyone Act.

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