Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poor Bastards of Cinema: White Dog

I'll be brief here, since I have a full review planned for down the road. This is what you need to know: A young woman gets a dog that appears to hate black people. She finally figures out the reason for this problem & aims to fix it. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of men...

The dog escapes and runs loose in the street. One poor black guy is just walking down the road when it draws the ire of the dog. He runs like anyone would from a giant dog bearing down on him with sharp, exposed teeth. He runs into a church, but, since this is not a vampire dog, it follows him in and kills him.

What did he do? Nothing. He was simply a black man. What's worse is that this guy did not even have a name in the movie! Ouch.

Up next, a man who meets a grisly end just for doing his job. Stay tuned...

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