Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great Moments in Stock Footage: The Sinister Urge

You know, Ed Wood gets a lot of flack for his bad writing, directing, producing, editing, acting and- sometimes-catering. These are all valid points, but you can't fault him for one thing: ingenuity. Today's film is a good example of this.

The Sinister Urge is actually a pretty dull film, even in MST3K form. This is not helped in any way by a five minute scene where a woman explains the intricacies of marketing porn (in the 1950s, mind you). Also, the plot of a man seeing semi-naked women in pictures and turning into a murderer is complete crap, even when it was brought back by right-wing Christians with Ted Bundy. So, what was Ed to do?

The answer is simple: insert a fight scene! To do so, he took unused footage of a fight scene involving himself (another money-saver) and Conrad Brooks from a film called Hellborn. What did it have to do with anything? Not a damn thing. It's sheer randomness and ineptitude are still more entertaining than the actual film though.

Next on the agenda, I highlight one of the most flagrant examples of using stock footage as padding. As a bonus, it comes to us from Mexico. Stay tuned...


  1. I love Ed Wood....
    He was like the Uwe Boll of his time.

  2. Does that mean that Uwe Boll is going to turn into a drunk who makes (and sometimes stars in) soft-core porn in about ten years. I can only hope!