Thursday, November 19, 2009

Forgotten Toons: SWAT Kats- The Radical Squadron

What can I say about this show? How can one truly describe what makes this show so great? If only I could sum it up in one sentence. Oh wait, I can-

Talking (K)Cats That Fly A Fighter Jet!

Seriously, this show was great, in spite of it making pretty much zero sense. The whole world is Kats, from the Mayor to the Police Chief to the evil Wizard. In a nutshell, our two heroes are T-Bone and Razor & they used to work for the Enforcers (read: police). After being fired, the two started to work in the city's scrapyard and decided to build a jet. All logical so far, mind you. Afterward, they decided to fight crime as the SWAT Kats.

One thing this show had going for it was variety. With a jet motif, you think it would be all jet/helicopter villains. You are wrong, good sir!

*Dr. Viper- a snake mutant man who makes weird monsters.
*Hard Drive- basically, a Kat version of Spider-Man's Electro
*The Metallikats- two dead gangsters that are reborn as robots thanks to a dumb scientist.
*Red Lynx- the undying skeleton of a WWII...I mean, MegaWar II pilot who seeks revenge.
*Rex Shard- a prisoner who inadvertently gets merged with a gem monster in the Earth.
*The Past Master- an evil wizard who sends our heroes to, well, you know. Yes, this was made after Army of Darkness.
*Mad Kat- a failed comic who seeks revenge on a David Letterman avatar by way of a mystic artifact that turns him into a Mr. Mxyzptlk wannabe.

That's SWAT Kats in a nutshell. Despite its sheer awesomeness, the only way to catch this show is through rare VHS episode releases or YouTube. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Next up, a show whose cast is beyond logic and description. Of course, it comes from the 1970s, so who is surprised? Stay tuned...


  1. I was too busy watching Eek the Cat while SWAT KATS ran rampant on the other channel. Couldnt tell you why I was out on this one, just didnt appeal to me somehow..

  2. It's okay- you can still catch up. That's what free-time is for.

    Thanks for mentioning 'Eek the Cat,' because that show was damn awesome. Future inductee? We'll see.