Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Notes

I don't do this too often, so I thought that you could use a basic Status update.

*All is well. I should probably say more than that, huh?

*I have a bunch of crazy, foreign reviews planned for you guys. I want to really stand out amongst all the movie blogs that are doing horror movie reviews this month. Pakistani horror should help, right?

*I had a good Paul Naschy film to review, but the damn disc was scratched to hell. Sadly, that one gets pushed down the pike a bit.

*A William Castle box-set appears to be coming out near the end of this month. This means that I can review some of the out-of-print films of his like Mr. Sardonicus and 13 Ghosts. Look for those down the pike, as well.

*Tonight's review will be out a bit late tonight. I'll make up for this precedent with some solid stuff tomorrow. Stay tuned...


  1. Check and mate, figures Naschy would get the scratches.. one of maybe 3 DVDs I have ever dropped was Night of the Werewolf after getting it for my bday new (new dvds are also a rarity in my house). My heart shattered as it hit the floor..

  2. My repeat cracked list is as follows...

    *Santo en El Hijo de Frankenstein: broken twice and now out of print.
    *Girls Nite-Out: two broken discs so far.
    *Rojo Sangre: this was actually the second try.