Friday, October 2, 2009

Mondo Trivia: The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Asia Argento is a weird actress who has turned into a weird director as well. Obviously, given her 'chops,' directing was in her future. Her first film was Scarlet Diva, where she basically plays herself. By basically, I mean 'literally.' Her next film was an adaptation of a very dark story of child abuse and depression. I tell you this to lead into our trivia...

*The youngest version of the child lead is Jimmy Bennet, a young man who most of you will know as pre-teen Kirk from this year's Star Trek bastardization. His major roles at this time, however, involved doing the voice of Roo in animated Winnie the Pooh films. Yeah, picture that voice crying out as it is abused by a drunken stepfather.

*The older kid is played by the Sprouse twins, who are famous as the kid from Big Daddy and the leads on The Suite Life with Zak and Cody. Again, picture these kids in dark, seedy peril.

Asia, you are one crazy bitch to do stuff like that with our child stars. Also, what kind of parents sign their kids up for this? I'm just saying!

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