Saturday, October 17, 2009

Impossibly-Cool Cover Art: Night of the Lepus

You want to be scared? You want to see a giant monster? I've got one for you...

What do you mean 'this is a movie about giant rabbits?' Are you saying that this movie poster is intentionally vague to trick people? The thought of that is absurd. It's not like I own this movie or anything.

Up next, another bit of vague cover art. I can't imagine why. Stay tuned...


  1. Yeah, this is a way-sweet cover, alright. I own it as well, brotha. I wish the DVD cover had this artwork instead, actually.

  2. My DVD cover is a little weird. A friend of mine burned me a copy back when he used Blockbuster's online service and Netflix didn't carry it.

    I will always tell my copy, since it is the only blue DVD with a Fujifilm logo on it.

  3. I love the fact that the filmmakers intentionally fooled everyone to get them in the theaters, just imagine how red in the face the audience must have been when it turned out to be rabbits? But then again, some of the awesomest scenes in film history are held within its celluloid