Saturday, December 20, 2014

Zoned Out: The Star

As we near Christmas, let's continue to look at how they celebrated the Holidays in 1985 while in...
In this tale, we see some space travelers finding a burned out Planet.  However, the secret behind this Planet is...festive?
Before we begin, it is important to note the person behind the genesis of this Story.
So, anyways, these guys are leading a ship through the Galaxy.  As they approach a burned out Planet, they discuss...Religion?  Weird.
They go to a bunker beneath the Planet's surface and investigate what is inside.

They find evidence of a great and advanced Civilization.  They had mastered Science and the Arts, making their disappearance pretty sad.
After a while, the two men return to the Ship.  One of them seems sad after looking at the readings on the Ship.  Why?
As it turns out, the Star that destroyed the Planet's surface when it burned out was...the Star that the 3 Wise Men followed.

They discuss how good things can come from bad circumstances and how all things work out.  Merry Space-mas.  The End.
Tis the Season?  This one isn't bad, but it is...odd.  I guess I can't talk bad about an Arthur C. Clarke Story, can I?  It is an interesting premise- granted.  Mixing pure Science-Fiction and the tale of Jesus' birth is also kind of interesting.  Ultimately though, it was just...alright.  The Acting is fine.  The Effects are fine.  The Message isn't even bad either.  There's just something off here that I can't put my finger on.  Stuck between the two upbeat Christmas Segments in the Episode, this feels really weird.  It comes off as something that thinks it is super deep, but isn't so much.  Something was just lost in the execution, I think.  On the plus side, you can still enjoy the simple things during the Holidays: making jokes about funny names in Credits...
Next week, the final part of the 1985 Christmas Episode.  Will this Remake of a Classic Zone Tale prove that this Show is good now?

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