Monday, December 22, 2014

Indy Flix: Morbid (2014)

A low-budget Horror Flick that is good...but not all there.  Today's Film is Morbid, a Film given to me via an associate on Facebook.  He's in the midst of trying to get his Film some Distribution, so let's see if I can help.  Morbid is the tale of a masked Killer taking out people in a small, rural Town.  Why?  What does he have to gain?  What is his goal?  That's...not easy to say, as this one is not exactly full of answers.  While it lacks a bit in Story, does it deliver everywhere else?  To find out, read on...
In the Intro, these two guys discuss Horror Films.  Naturally, they talk about Halloween and Black Christmas- thus making this one time-appropriate.
As one of them goes to take a Shower, someone appears to be watching.
He doesn't look friendly.  On the plus side, he does give us a gender-swapped 'Shower Scene,' so that's interesting.
This leads to the killer going on a killing spree.

He's so evil that he even kills the Film's Director!  You monster!
I know that it might seem mean to pick on a low-budget Horror Film for being low-budget, but...I mean, really?!? something else.
So the main crux of the Story is people going to and/or preparing for a Party held by the Star Quarterback (seen on the right).  He's kind of an asshole.

He's kind of a big asshole, actually.
Who will live?  Who will die?  Will the Killer be stopped?  Will he stop littering?

To find out, watch the Movie (whenever it gets officially-released).
It's not bad really...but it just doesn't feel like a complete movie.  It has a beginning and it has an Ending- granted.  It has Characters, Scenarios and Settings too.  My problem is honestly that this feels more like an extended series of kills than a Film.  It works as a really good Demo Reel for the people behind it though.  They give you many kills with a variety of weapons.  You see a variety of ways to dispose of people.  You get some good, low-budget gore as well.  So if the point was to show what they could do as far as kills go, they succeeded.  If the goal was to make a Slasher Film that would blow you away, they only partially-succeeded.  I liked the mysterious Killer and his costume design.  The Mask- a variation of the one used in Nightbreed- is nice.  The whole 'silent killer' thing is done alot, but it isn't bad here at all.  I won't SPOIL his one unique trait that shows up in the Finale, but it sure is...something.  So as far as Low-Budget Horror goes, this is good.  If there was more of a Story, more consistent Characters and a more contiguous Narrative, I'd rate it even higher.  Not bad at all, just lacking a few things to work on in the future.  As I noted to the Director on Facebook, he got a point on the Low-Budget Horror Film Bingo Card early with people watching Night of the Living Dead on TV...
Up next, a special bonus for all of you out there.  I celebrate Christmas early with a bonus Review...from Project Terrible!  Stay tuned...

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