Friday, December 5, 2014

*Somewhat* Immediate Response: Rifftrax Live!- Santa Claus (1959)

Ho ho ho- Merry Insanity!!!
I got back from the latest Rifftrax LIVE! Show a little while ago and I thought it would be worth sharing.  Sadly, this is not me pimping out the Replay Show next week, since there isn't one.  I don't know why.

Regardless, here is me pimping the future DVD/VOD Release...

The Good
* Another ACI Short?  This one about making 'toys' and 'decorations' out of wet, moldy Sugar?  Surprise bonus!  Awesome.
* The Movie itself is just ludicrous.  Santa's Cloud Castle!  Santa's racially-insensitive (even then- be honest) Child Slave Army!  Mother-f-ing Merlin!
* The jokes are pretty much always on point.  They fill in the lulls (which do occur) and accentuate the crazy.  This is by far the most fun I've had watching a Film associated with Rene Cardona Jr (who's a Production Manager) or his Dad.  Low bar- I know.
* As a bonus, the Version riffed here is the Uncut one, so you get more footage than you did back on the MST3K Version.  So, aside from new jokes, you are seeing 'new' footage to boot.
* Getting to share this craziness with members of my Family (who aren't fanboys like me) was great too.  Things find a way of working out sometimes.
* Bill dressed as North Pole Guy.  Bonus.

The Bad
* Honestly, my only issues were with the Theater (who had issues running the Before Show and the Actual Live Synch) and the guy in the row behind me who had to repeat the jokes from a moment earlier aloud.  I heard it- thanks.
* Obviously, the movie sucks on most technical levels, kind of knew that right?

So yeah, it was great fun.  The Movie itself is terrible, insane and a sight to behold.  It currently sits on IMDB with a 2.4 User Rating, which makes it #77 on the IMDB Bottom 100.  That should tell you something.  It is in the same bracket as Battlefield Earth, Simon Sez, Mitchell, Monster A-Go-Go and Laserblast.

In contrast, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians has a 2.5.  Blubberella has a 2.6!

Unless you have a strong stomach for the stuff, Rifftrax is the way to go.  When they release it, I strongly recommend you pick it up.

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