Saturday, December 13, 2014

Zoned Out: But Can She Type?

After a week of Holiday preparation, let's see how they do Christmas in...
This is the first Segment of their 1985 Christmas Episode.  In it, Pam Dawber- from Mork & Mindy- doesn't like her Job, but finds a strange solution...
Dawber is a Secretary who has to miss the Christmas Party- which everyone loves- to finish up paper work.  Oh, the humanity!
She uses the Copier to make some paperwork for her Boss, but an errant press of a button changes things!
She attends the Party, only to discover that everyone treats her as a Celebrity since she's a Secretary!
You know who really loves Secretaries?  Commander Riker!

He may be #2, but he's #1 in your heart- admit it!
At the Party, she also gets a ridiculous job offer involving a full wardrobe and an apartment in Paris!
 She has an angry message on her Answering Machine when she gets home.  It turns out the Copy Machine sent her to an alternate dimension (don't ask).

This sure has taught her alot.  She will use this information to...just go back there again to stay.
Off to her dream world.  Reality can kiss her ass!  The End.
A bit of silly fun from The Twilight Zone.  This one is certainly not meant to be taken seriously.  Right?  It must be.  A Copy Machine sends you to an Alternate Dimension?  If that was the case, I would have left *years* ago and been married to Scarlett Johansen!  Sorry, this Dimension.  As ridiculous as it is, the Segment is short and does play out well.  The reaction at the Party to her announcing that she's a Secretary is cute.  The lady who's jealous of her because she's 'just a supermodel' is fun.  I also like just how over-the-top her job in the new Dimension is to.  They are going to fly her to work and live in Paris (first class, of course) and will give her a brand new wardrobe due to it being such short notice.  Unless this is an elaborate set-up for another Taken tale, it is way too good to *ever* be true.  That's the point, of course.  This is a fun, frivolous fantasy of a woman getting her ultimate wish on Christmas.  I like it.  With Frakes' appearance, this make the 1980's Twilight Zone revival now the Show with the *second-most* Cast Members from Star Trek: The Next Generation...
Next up, a Sci-Fi Tale about a Planet ruined by a burned out Star.  What does this have to do with Christmas though?  Stay tuned...

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