Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quick Reviews: Masters of Horror- Dream Cruise

After Cigarette Burns, I decided to get into more Masters of Horror stuff.  It has been long enough for people to forget about it or for younger Horror Fans to have missed it.  Let me go outside of my actual collection today...
In this one, we get a Japanese Horror Director- Norio Tsuruta - to give us a different kind of Episode.  Is it good like new Sushi or bad like old Sushi?
A young man and his brother are in a boat when it flips over.  The older one tries to save the younger one, but can't do it.
In the present, said Brother is haunted by dreams, a fear of water and random J-Horror stuff like this...
Now living in Japan, he works for a businessman...who just so happens to be married to his unrequited love.  Conflict of interest, much?

They have to go out on a boat to do some business, so things are just getting worse.
They don't head back like they are supposed to and the boss' behavior starts to arouse suspicion.
I will be nice and not give you too many SPOILERS here.   I will say that an Anchor (not Bay) gets involved...
...and that this shows up.  A dark-haird, ugly ghost in a J-Horror Film- shocking, right?  The End.
Kind of a mixed bag for me, to be honest.  I just did a J-Horror Film yesterday- although I watched this first-, so it is not like I avoid them.  I'm still more partial to European and U.S. Horror- that's all.  The Story ideas are there, but some of them don't feel right.  The set-up here works well.  Stranger in a strange land, love triangle and ghosts- all there.  The fact that we end up with two different Ghost Stories mixing together is a bit odd.  Without giving too much away, there is one related to the Boat itself and an incident there.  Having the guy's Ghost back-story there then feels a bit superfluous.  They do make use of the two stories, so it isn't like one is overlooked.  The Story does hinge upon a) two incidents happening and b) people related to both incidents meet up in way to trigger something.  The odds of that are astronomical, right?  After all of the initial build-up, the Film hits a few slow points and gets a bit confusing before everything gets explained for the Finale.  I wasn't all that disappointed by it, but it didn't blow me away in any major way.  By the book is the best description, I guess.  Bear in mind, again, that I'm not a huge fan of J-Horror and its Tropes, so you may be more on board with what you get here.  I'm definitely happier with the final result than this guy seems to be...
Not one of my Favorites, but it will appeal to fans of J-Horror.  The Show was for all types, so I can't fault them for featuring something like this.

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