Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Impossibly-Cool Cover Art: Monster (1980)

I'm used to being lied to.

By Movie Posters, that's is.  I mean, what else could I be talking about?

That leads me to this one, the Poster for the 1980 Film creatively-titled Monster...
That...looks pretty neat.  It looks like the precursor to the killer tadpole-thing from The Host (the good one).

Of course, I'm featuring this Poster because this is what the beast looks like...
...far less cool and far less terrifying.

What a shock, right?

Just to note: this 1980 Film called Monster (aka Monstroid) is not to be confused with this 1980 Film called Monster...
...which was later titled Humanoids From The Deep.  This one is not much of a lie, actually.

Of course, to be fully-accurate, the lady would have to be topless (at least).  Oh Corman, you scamp.

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