Thursday, December 18, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: It's Alive (1973) {Part 2}

Another Poor Bastard from this Film about a killer baby with teeth and claws (the good one).

In the beginning, the parents-to-be leave their son with their friendly neighbor.  After all, it can take over 24 hours to deliver the baby at times.
When things go awry (you know, the Doctors being killed and the mutant baby getting free), they decide to shelter their son in the short-term from this.

Their friendly neighbor has no problem with this.  He goes the extra mile for them.
Eventually, they return to Town (he took the kid out to his Cabin for a few days) and the son can't stand waiting.  He runs home, followed by the neighbor.

They both enter through the Basement (for some reason), but only he is attacked by the baby monster!
The dad finds his friend dead and...well, that sucks.
So, to sum up, this guy goes out of his way to help his fellow Neighbor.  His reward: being killed by their kid.

The lesson: don't help people who live near you.  It never ends well.

Until next time, keep being random people that may or may not die in Horror Films.

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