Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WTF Denmark?!?: The Sinful Dwarf

This is one of those movies like Lady Terminator that just somehow did not get reviewed quickly. There is really no reason for it other than my absentmindedness or something else showing up to distract me. When stuff like Star Wreck or Eternal Evil of Asia hits my door, it distracts me from other things at the time. Well, allow me to make up for this oversight today. As for the other oversights (i.e. Hawk the Slayer, Mystics in Bali, etc), I'll get to them later. Today's film is a curious, Danish horror movie- which is something that is often forgotten about when compared to Italian or Spanish ones- about a young couple who moves into the wrong tenant dwelling. The film is full of odd characters, all of which surround a nice, nubile woman. Is it good though? Well, find out in the full review of...
The story begins with a young couple trying to find a place to live. They are newlyweds, but money is tight. The husband, you see, has lost his job and needs to get a new one. The duo end up at a very unfriendly-looking apartment building that is run by a weird old lady and her son. By the way, her son is a dwarf, not that this is really a surprise. He is extremely-creepy and basically pictures the woman naked the whole time he leads them to their place. That night, the couple talk about tomorrow and have some nice 'only in a foreign film' sex. Does it add anything to the story? Nope. On the plus side- boobs. He leaves the next day to go find work, leaving our heroine to stay in the creepy place. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen! As if things could not get weirder, we learn that the mother likes to sit around her room and sing show tunes. She is hideous-looking and, as a bonus, has the dwarf playing piano for her. This is like Absolutely Fabulous, only not done ironically. I should also mention that there is still more salacious content to come. Is there more logic though? No, not really.
As it turns out, the apartment building has a secret. Up in the attic, the old lady and the dwarf keep a group of naked, drugged-out women. They use the police as a house of prostitution as well as a tenant dwelling. Of course, the police have no idea that all of these drifters are coming in and out of the same building on a regular basis. On top of that, a steady supply of drugs is shipped in to keep the women high and pliable. That one, they at least try to cover by having their drug dealer also be a toymaker. Mind you, he has been delivering lots of children's toys to a house with an old woman and a dwarf without any children. Every day, the husband leaves and the woman is left to just wander around the building. She gets too close to the truth, but finds out nothing just yet. The husband finally gets a job, but, in a lazy twist, it turns out to be for the man who delivers the drug-filled toys to the dwarf's building! This really is a small world, huh? All the while, the dwarf continues to be creepy. The plot is barely-moving, but at least he is interesting.
Finally, our heroine stumbles upon the room where the drugged out whores are kept, but sets off a loud, noisy toy in the process. She is grabbed by the old woman and dwarf & somehow overpowered. I get that you are a woman-in-peril, but how weak are you? They rip off her outer garments and chain her up, but she is magically-naked when we see her next time. It was sure nice of her to let them take off her underwear, huh? The husband is left with a fake note from the wife about how she could not take being married to him anymore, which he actually buys for a while! A policeman who has barely been seen at all begins to interject himself into the story and question the toymaker. Back at the house, our heroine has been given her first taste of the addictive drugs given to the women and is actually used by a customer! Our heroes finally figure out that something is going on, leading to a finale involving a shooting, some stabbing and a falling dwarf. I should mention again that they fail to stop the woman from being raped! The End.
Wow, this movie is...um, something. The plot moves at a really slow pace & they try to cover it with some nudity. That only worked for the first thirty minutes, guys! The blond who plays our lead heroine apparently did not work again after this movie, which is a shame. What's not a shame is that the director- who just reveled in the sleaze- seems to not have worked again either. The real selling point of this movie is the lead: Torbin Bille. As the titular dwarf, he steals the show in every scene he is in. You are not going to rent this movie for the plot though, are you? You want to see a salacious film starring an evil dwarf? In that regard, the movie does not disappoint. In every other aspect, it is not so good.
Next up, how else can I close up my look at flesh-eating films without covering the most famous one of all time? Was the movie worthy of being banned in over 25 countries? Stay tuned...

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