Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mondo Trivia: Day of the Dead (1985)

*Zombie extras were paid $1.00 a day for their services and given a hat that said 'I Was a Zombie in Day of the Dead.' I wonder how much those would go for on EBay these days?

*Joseph Pilato- aka bad-ass Captain Rhodes- would later go on to be a voice in the cartoon series Digimon: Digital Monsters. The man who uttered the words "choke on them" as zombies ate his guts doing a voice on a Japanese cartoon- what are the odds?!?

*One line from the film- "Hello- Is anyone there?" is sampled in a Gorrilaz song entitled 'M1A1.' The same group also samples dialogue for this film- and Dawn of the Dead- in the song 'Hip Albatross.'


  1. excellent selection today, i didnt know any of that! time to youtube the Gorillaz

  2. I was actually researching the film for something else and stumbled upon all of that stuff. I really do want to find one of those hats on EBay. If I can find one, you can bet that I will have a new Profile picture!

    The weird thing about the cartoon voice-acting is that its the only one I saw on his resume. He did not go from a genre actor to a voice actor like, say, Mako. He apparently did this one voice on this one show as far as I can tell.