Friday, December 18, 2009

Forgotten Toons: 'Future Holmes' (Part 2)

After the failed attempt at a series launch via Bravestarr, we have a real show starring the future! This is...
In the story, someone resembling Professor Moriarty is scene committing a crime. Faster than you can say 'this reminds me of Demolition Man,' the preserved body of Sherlock Holmes is 'youthened' via some techno-babble. He is joined in his adventures by the female descendant of Police Inspector Lestrade & a robot that takes on the look and mannerisms of Watson. I guess we can believe one of them being dragged into the future, but not both!

The show was a mix of rehashes of old Holmes stories (albeit with future tech) and completely new ones. In another curious idea, the main villains- Moriarty and Fenwick- only appear in about half of the episodes. If you are going to build a show around them, use them more! It's not like Batman: The Animated Series, which featured at least a dozen villains, plus side stories with normal criminals as well.

The series was the brainchild of some Scottish TV producer, which may explain a lot. Those guys are just weird. Seriously though, how many shows can you think of that are a co-production of an American company (DiC) and Scottish television?!?

The show actually ran for two years, which is quite a longer time than most of the shows featured in this segment. Good on ya!
Let's keep the time-jumping theme and cover a little gem from Cartoon Network that was just too silly to work. It takes a Squad, as they say. Stay tuned...

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