Tuesday, December 15, 2009

R.I.P. One-Man Army and Templar Killer

Well, the damn Rule of Threes strikes again! I hate it so damn much!

Apparently, we have lost two great, albeit understated, names in the genre picture medium. First, Tony Kendall (his billed name, mind you), the star of the second Blind Dead film, as well as many others. His work with Ossorio is just so good that it stands out.

Across the Ocean, we also have Chen Hung Lieh. While not a big name in America, he is notable to me and my friends as the villain known as The One-Man Army from Fearless Fighters. Obviously, as one of the actors of that time, he did dozens of movies in his career. If you want to see a damn great one though, check out Fearless Fighters.

Both of them will be missed. R.I.P., you crazy bastards. I have to thank Cool Ass Cinema for bringing this news to my attention, as sad as it is. I'd rather know than be surprised by it later.

I really hate doing these, so please give me a break, Mr. Reaper. Stay tuned..


  1. Hey, Tim. Thanks for the plug. Kendall only starred in the second Blind Dead movie, though. Cesar Burner was the guy from the first one. They do favor actually.

    If you have an all region player, most of Chen's Shaw Brothers work is available on DVD from Hong Kong.

  2. My bad. I fixed that. Him being in both of them did not sound right to me as I wrote it, but I ignored my instinct.

    As for the plug, it was my pleasure. Just remember me next time I pass something on to you. :-)