Thursday, July 27, 2017

Triple B Flix: Hard Hunted (1992)

Well, I've delayed this one long enough.  A while back, I took some time on one my days off from work to watch another Sidaris Film.  I'm getting closer to the end!  This is Hard Hunted, a 1992 Film whose Title seems like it would work better with the last Film.  This one is part of the 'Series within a Series' as it is one of three Films in which they battle Kane.  Sadly, it is still not the Wrestler.  The Plot involves the theft of a MacGuffin that Kane wants and everyone wants him not to have.  All of your favorite Characters are back!  I still don't remember most of their names, but they are here.  This one does a bit of an odd turn with one Character however.  I won't get into it just yet, but you'll see.  Is this more of the same or does something new happen?  To find out, read on...
So you remember how Pat Morita played 'Kane' last time.

Well, now he's this guy.  They just throw it out there and you have to accept it!
After the last Film, Kane is being watched by everyone.  When he steals a device that will help trigger a Nuke, they use their Agents to steal it.

To be super-subtle, a Talk Radio Host gives out not-so-subtle cues to the Agents.  Listen to the Radio, Kane!
Said Agent makes it to Arizona to meet with our Heroines...and is immediately shot to death when she gets there.

To be fair, she did wear that Squib Plate for no good reason!
So I guess Al Leong is back!  He's a new, not-dead bad guy who works for Kane.  Incidentally, the Villain brands all of his stuff (including that Jacket on the Film Logo).

Wait- did he produce the Film too?!?  That is his Logo and Film Adaptations of Missions are in-canon here.
So it becomes a multi-tiered battle for ownership of the MacGuffin.  Dona here is super-badass as she blows up a plane with a grenade, parachutes out to safety and...

...hits her head on a rock, instantly giving herself amnesia.  What in the what?!?
She hands up in the hands of The Guy Who Is In All of These, but he also tries to get more money than Kane will offer.

Oh and there's a Double Agent too.
There is one slight change here.  There are only THREE pointless Sex Scenes in the Film with our Leads.  Here's what makes it worse though...

That bottom one- that is with the Double Agent essentially Date Raping the amnesiac Dona!
She eventually gets her memories back, kills him with a Machete and eventually blows up Leong in his Helicopter.  If only it wasn't hanging on that wire!
To wrap things up, they let Kane get away AGAIN and their main Undercover Agent is still there.  See you in the Finale.  The End.
Mostly-forgettable, but still alright.  This one is okay.  It is just okay.  As I said before, the Plot really fits Do or Die better than Hard Hunted, so the Films really should have inverted Titles.  My best guess is that Sidaris came up with this Title too late and just 'had' to use it.  The basic Plot is fine, but just that- basic.  It is just a pretense for Action Scenes and Nudity- nothing more.  Now I have to address the odd things.  First- no Pat Morita.  I can't find anything on WHY he's not in this, but he did appear in 6 FILMS in 1992.  All I can figure is that he was done in one, but Sidaris didn't know it.  Instead of making this guy a new Villain who was perhaps Kane's Son, they just reshot one bit (the Agent giving Kane the necklace) to gaslight people into thinking he was always the Actor.  It is weird, but ultimately-meaningless.  Besides, I didn't have to hear about Pat Morita being 'excited' this time, so win-win.  Secondly, Dona's Arc.  It is just kind of weird to have her be a useless amnesiac for half of the Film.  I guess they make up for it by having her save the day.  It was just a weird choice for Sidaris to make.  Weird re-casting and use of an Actress aside, Hard Hunted is just alright.  It still doesn't quite know how to justify the Nudity.  For example, she's on the Radio...but needs to be topless in a hot tub?  Really?!?
Next time, I continue to dig through the random Films I've ended up with.  How about a Full Moon rarity for a change?  Stay tuned...

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